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Brisbane Laser and Minor Surgery

Our mission statement:

Dr Chi Hong Wong and his team are committed to uncompromised and complete care. The team  work hard to achieve the best possible results and we understand it is a privilege that you have chosen us to take you through a very personal journey.  Dr. Wong and his team make themselves available for aftercare to help you through any issues during healing process, which in most cases will be uneventful.  However as there are always risks in any surgical procedures, it is a greater honour if we can be with you during any complications as well.

Laser body sculpting

Laser Body Sculpting

Laser Body Contouring
skin whitening

Skin Whitening Laser

Korean Style Laser Skin Whitening
Acne Laser

Acne Laser

Laser Acne Treatments
fungal nails

Warts, Scars, Fungal Nail Laser

Fungal Nails; Scars & Warts Laser

Intimate Laser for Women

IncontiLase; IntimaLase; RenovaLase
Laser Hair

Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction
Laser snore

Snore Reduction Laser

Laser Snore Reduction

Muscular Aches and Pains

Laser to treat Muscle & Joint Pain