Laser Hair & Pigmentation Treatments Brisbane

Laser & IPL Light Treatment for Pigmentation & Facial Redness Brisbane

We can use either Fotona Laser (Nd-Yag) or Lutronic Solari IPL to treat facial redness and pigmentation. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is the use of short bursts of light at a specific wavelength, when emitted, this light energy is selectively absorbed by either melanin (pigment) and haemoglobin in the skin or hair. This results in:

  • Reduction in pigmentation and pigmented spots due to age or sun damage
  • Stimulates regeneration of your skin through the renewed production of collagen and elastin, reducing fine lines and improving skin tone
  • Reduce redness in the skin or damaged capillaries leading to more even skin tone
  • Targets and destroys the bacteria that causes acne

Generally 2-4 IPL treatments are recommended for the treatment of facial redness and pigmentation. During the procedure you may feel a mild tingling sensation, like a “warm rubber band” snap on your skin, the contact cooling provided by the handpiece makes the procedure more comfortable. The pigmented lesions may get darker before they “flake off” in 1-2 weeks.  The Lutronic Solari IPL is the new generation of IPL which has filters to improve efficacy and reduce pain by eliminating wavelengths not required for treatment.  The result is more targeted treatment and less pain.  Price:  refer to Price List page. 

Pigmentation Hands before & after
Pigmentation Hands before & after
Treatment of pigmentation before and after
Treatment of pigmentation before and after

Laser Permanent Hair Reduction Brisbane (We can treat Blonde Hair & Ethnic Skin)

We can use either the Lutronic IPL or Fotona Nd-Yag laser for the treatment of hair reduction.  Lasers and IPL use a focused spectrum light energy to strike the hair shafts or the bulb (root) of the hair. Hair moves through different stages, the actively growth phase, the resting phase and the end phase where old hair falls out of a follicle, subsequently replaced by new hair. IPL hair reduction works most effectively during the actively growth phase.

The bulb has the highest concentration of melanin. This light energy is converted into heat energy to destroy the entire hair follicle. Usually six treatments are recommended, approximately 6-8 weeks apart to attempt to cover the most number of actively growing hair follicles. The hair follicles that have been permanently disabled will not grow again.

IPL works only with hair containing melanin pigments (black, dark brown or light brown hair), as melanin is required to absorb the energy at this wavelength, hence IPL is not effective with grey, white, red or blonde hairs.  Finally, Patients are asked to not wax or pluck the hair for 2 months prior to treatment.