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Anti Wrinkle Injections & More in Brisbane

This is achieved using muscle relaxant injections.

When used in the correct dose, to the correct facial muscle, at the correct depth of the skin, the target facial muscles relaxes, thereby smoothing lines and wrinkles, creating a more refreshed and relaxed appearance. The effects usually lasts around three to four months. Treatment takes around 15 – 20 minutes to perform and topical anaesthetic cream can be applied prior to injections for extra comfort.

Areas which responds very well to muscle relaxants include the frown, the horizontal forehead worry lines, periorbital wrinkles, crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes. Other areas also respond well to muscle relaxant injections and our clinic doctors will discuss this with you.  All the injections are performed by very experienced doctors only.

We can also use this treatment to improve symptoms relating to jaw clenching and teeth grinding.  The side effects of this treatment may include face slimming (or looking too thin) and slightly weaker bite.

Price guide:

Anti-wrinkle injections from $4 per unit.

Frown region approximate price $160 to $200. Crow’s feet (Eyes) approximately $200-$240. Forehead lines approximately $150.

Our doctor will provide you with a personalised treatment plan and fee package to suit your face on consultation.

Dr. Janet has a special interest in the treatment of gravity muscles – that is, the muscles that “pulls” your face “downwards”, creating a “negative” facial expression.  By treating these “depressive” muscles, she wants to help you convey a more “positive” message.  She believes a more positive facial posture can change other people’s perception about yourself.

It is Dr. Janet’s way to combine her interest in mental health and cosmetic medicine, that leads her to study the faces of her patients, and plan a treatment program to make her patients look happier, content and natural.

Anti Wrinkle - Before
Anti Wrinkle - After
Photo of Male before and after treatment of frown region using muscle relaxant.