Rejuran Polynucleotide Salmon DNA Fragments Skin Bio-Revitaliser

What is this new Skin Bio-Revitaliser?

This is a new class of cosmetic injections termed “Skin Bio-Revitalisers” from Korea.

The active ingredient is Polynucleotide (PN), or DNA fragments.  The DNA fragments are suspended in a gel matrix for injections into the skin.  This has been shown to enhance tissue repairs and rejuvenates aging or damaged skin. The DNA fragments are sourced from  certain breed of salmon with the raw materials processed using a patented DOT Technology to produce purified DNA fragments for optimal clinical efficacy and safety. Salmon DNA has been shown to be safe and compatible in the human body without causing any adverse side effects. The acquired DNA is purified and free of unnecessary immunogenic proteins which may trigger an immune response.

These DNA fragments injections can improve skin elasticity and repairs damaged skin, making it a good addition to laser-based treatments.

What areas can we treat with this Bio-Revitaliser?

Treatments can be performed on the forehead, temples, midface, cheek, chin and neck areas, and is suitable for most people.

Who are suitable candidates?

Most adults – to delay the skin aging process, but is particularly helpful to those with more pronounced effects of aging skin (uneven skin tone and texture, loss of elasticity and fine lines) and those with skin damaged by acne scars.

How can this treatment help me skin?

  • Firming effect

  • Improves skin density and elasticity and hydration

  • Improves skin texture

  • Improves fine lines and wrinkles

  • Restores protective barrier functions of skin

  • Regulation of oil control

  • Reduces pores

  • Improve skin tone

 What are the proposed mechanisms of actions?
  1. Anti-inflammatory effect

  2. Tissue restoration: Growth factor secretion is stimulated

  3. Salvage pathway: DNA fragments injected enable quicker cell and tissue regeneration

  4. Mechanical support: The product acts as a scaffold for the growth of your cellular network, providing the framework for quicker regeneration

What is the process of Polynucleotide / Salmon DNA  treatment?
  • Topical anaesthestics is applied to the cleaned skin
  • Rejuran requires multiple injections into the superficial dermis of the skin that requires treatment
  • Expect the possibility of pain, temporary localised swelling, bruising and temporary redness and itch
  • Dermal swelling will settle after 1-2 days and bruising may take slightly longer to resolve
  • The full stimulatory effects from Rejuran may take 4-6 weeks to be fully appreciated
  • A course of 2-3 treatments approximately 4-6 weeks apart is recommended
  • Maintainence treatment every 6 months or so is recommended.

How is this different from other skin boosters and dermal fillers?

DNA fragments has bio-stimulatory action, and provides a favourable environment for wound healing, while other skin boosters based on dermal filler materials do not have the same bio-stimulatory actions.

It is also advised you should avoid combining cross-linked dermal fillers (including skin boosters) and DNA fragments injection together (i.e. avoid using both products in the same area) to reduce the risk of foreign body reaction.

How is polynucleotide injections different from other Bio-stimulatory collagen stimulators?

PN injections works on the supeficial layers of the skin.  There are other collagen stimulators that can be placed in deeper tissues planes (deep collagen stimulators).   Deep collagen stimulators can be used with Polynucleotide injections,  but not in the same session.  Dr Janet will advise accordingly.

Anything else the patients need to consider before treatment?

  1. Pain factor – as there will be multiple injection points, the possibility of pain, discomfort and bruising must be considered.
  2. Patient expectations – this treatment can help improve the skin texture, reduce pores and quality of the skin, however this treatment is only intended to improve the skin quality.  If you require “lift”, you will need other treatments.
  3. You may need a 2-4 treatments, approximately 1 month apart and maintenance every 6-12 months.
  4. If you have had other skin boosters or cross-linked fillers performed to your skin, you need to wait for a few months before any treatments using polynucleotide (in the same area) to avoid the possibility of foreign body reactions.