Laser Hair Restoration & PRP

The Gold Standard for Hair Restoration is Surgical Hair Transplantation.  This procedure involves grafting hair follicles from the donor site (usually back of the scalp) to areas of thinning or balding hair.  Disadvantages of this procedure include cost, time required for multiple transplant grafts, downtime, surgical scars as well as the usual surgical risks such as pain, bleeding and infections.

Using a customized protocol, a non-ablative laser energy is applied directly to the scalp.  The treatment site is the superficial epidermis of the scalp.  The goal is to deliver fast heat shock treatment, thermally activating regeneration response in the tissues, leading to increased epidermal blood flow, increased lymphatic circulation, release of cytokines, stimulating dormant hair follicles, leading to follicle regeneration and increased epidermal turnover.

The treatment is well tolerated and no anaesthesia is required. The Fotona handpiece is moved back and forth directly on the scalp several times in a crosshatch pattern.  The treated area will appear red for 24 hours and showering is postponed to the following morning. The treatment area(s) may feel a little tight or swollen, but subsides within a few days and is not noticeable to anyone but the client.

The effects may take a 6 weeks to 2 months to become noticeable.

Laser Hair Restoration treatment is suitable for both men and women of any age.  Prior to any treatments, you will require a medical assessment to exclude any treatable causes for your hair loss, such as hormonal imbalance, thyroid disease, local dermatitis, bacterial or fungal infection, psychological stress, autoimmune disease, and blood tests may be required.  The doctor may also discuss other therapies such as oral medications (for men), topical medications, as well as the option of adding PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections to the scalp.

The best time to consider Laser Hair Restorative Treatment is within 5 to 8 years (from the beginning of hair loss).

Consultation fees apply for all initial consultations.

Contraindications for Laser Hair Restoration treatments include active hormonal disease, active cancer and chemotherapy, active autoimmune disease involving the skin.

Recommended Treatment Protocol:  4 to 6 treatments every 2 to 3 weeks initially, followed by 1 treatment every 6 months.

Cost:  Average $380 per treatment (cost may vary depending on size of treatment area).  Larger areas require longer treatment time and may be slightly more expensive.