Ear Lobe Repair Brisbane

At The Cosmetic Laser and Skin Cancer Centre, Dr Wong performs earlobe repair surgery, which is a surgical procedure to revise the skin around unsightly large holes from stretchers or from ear “gauging”.

Even though earlobes occupy only a small area of the face, having proportional earlobes can contribute significantly to the overall aesthetics and harmony of the face, in the same way unsightly earlobes creating a negative social image.

Dr. Wong repairs a few hundred earlobe repairs per year, hence a very experienced ear lobe repairer in Brisbane

Stretching of the ear lobes can also occur from wearing heavy ear jewellery over a long period of time, as well as from ageing, causing a disfigurement in the ear lobes.

Dr Wong can also reduce the size of your earlobes to fit into the rest of your face.

He has presented his surgical techniques at The Korean Cosmetic Surgery Conference explaining his strategies in managing difficult earlobes.

What can we do with Earlobe surgery?

  • Repair large stretched earlobe & holes from stretchers
  • Repair Torn earlobes
  • Reduce the size of the hole from heavy earrings
  • Reduce the size of hole from ageing
  • Reduce and adjust the size of earlobe to suit the face
  • Correct Pixie Earlobes (Pixie earlobes can occur after Facelift procedures)

The surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthetics and takes between 30 to 90 minutes per ear lobe.  There will be a small scar, which gradually fades over a period of months.   During the repair, the wound will be closed with 2 layers of meticulous sutures – internally using dissolvable sutures to maintain structure and strength of the repair, and externally, very fine sutures to give a good cosmetic scar.  Patients are often surprised at how much surgical planning and the work required to repair their earlobes.

Fees start from $660 to $770 per earlobe (for earlobe repair) depending on the difficulty of repair. Our special technique have resulted in high patient satisfaction rates.

Earlobe reduction and reshaping is a different procedure and the fee is approximately $800 per earlobe (there are no medicare rebate for earlobe reduction or earlobe reshaping).  Some earlobes are more tricky to repair because of the length of the earlobes, scarring from previous surgery, or the way the earlobe is attached to the face. This may involve additional work to re-attach the earlobe back to the face, hence the fees will vary.  Every earlobe is different and must be assessed individually with a consultation with Dr Wong.

If you cannot come for an initial consultation, please email a very clear photograph and detail your request to our clinic, we will provide the best estimate of fee for you.  When you book for surgery, a booking fee applies which will be deducted from the total payable on day of surgery.

After the surgery, you may be advised never to wear large earrings again but the advice for each earlobe may vary slightly. Individual variation in results exists depending on various patient factors affecting wound healing, adhering to post operative wound care instructions and follow-up visits. 

If you live in Sydney, please direct your enquiries to Dr. Peter Kim at 4/9 Railway St, Chatswood NSW 2067

Before and after ear lobe repair in Brisbane
Pixie Earlobes correction (Left)
earlobe repair1
Earlobe Repair Brisbane
earlobe repair2
earlobe repair
Earlobe Keloid Repair
Earlobe Reduction Reshaping
10 days after earlobe repair
10 days after earlobe repair
Earlobe Reshaping
Earlobe Repair
Torn earlobe repair before & after
Resize earlobes