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Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is one the most commonly performed procedure using a temporary volumising gel product, expanding the soft tissue of the vermilion (the pink part of the lip).

The success of using injectable fillers is, however, based on one very important assumption – that there is enough vermilion to expand, especially in the vertical dimension (height).   It is important to have a good assessment and discussion of realistic expectations to achieving a satisfactory outcome and prevention of complications such as product migration overtime.  A consultation with our doctor is required prior to treatment and consultation fee applies.

Below is an examples of before and after temporary volumising gel treatments.

Lip Fillers 1

Lip Fillers 1

We also come across patients who do not have or show a lot of vermilion. Trying to expand a thin vermilion for these patients will often result in a less satisfying cosmetic result. In many cases, a “duck lip” appearance can occur when the injected materials expand the vermilion horizontally (a horizontal projection rather than an increase in vertical height of the vermilion, which is the preferred cosmetic result).

Some patients also have M-shaped upper lips, which can also be tricky to treat, as our tissues tend to retract to its original shape initially.  It may take a few treatment sessions to alter the shape and contour of M-shaped lip patients.