Spider Leg Veins Injections Brisbane

Microsclerotherapy is the gold standard treatment for spider veins

The procedure involves your doctor injecting a liquid called sclerosant into the spider veins using a very fine needle.  The sclerosant has an effect on the walls of the veins, causing them to fade away gradually over a period of up to 6 weeks after the procedure.

Each injection treats a small area, and so depending on the extent of your spider veins, multiple injections may be required in a single session.  Due to the very fine needle and the small amount of sclerosant that is used in each injection, most patients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure.

Is it safe?  Microsclerotherapy has been proven a safe and effective option for treatment of spider veins. However like all medical procedures, there are potential side effects which your doctor will discuss with you.  Most of these potential side effects are temporary and resolve shortly after the procedure.

Is it effective? Microsclerotherapy has a high treatment success rate and whilst results vary from patient to patient, in most cases there is a major improvement. Most patients experience an improvement in their condition around 50-70% after their first treatment session, but often two or more sessions are necessary to get the best possible results.

Spider Veins injections
Spider Veins injections