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Acne clinic brisbane appointments are available for patients suffering from this distressing skin disorder. There is no magic cure but a well designed Acne Management Plan will help to reduce the impact of acne and future scarring. Dr. Wong completed the Advanced Acne Management Course (part of his Cosmetic Training) to provide patients with this service. Medicare rebates apply.

We treat Acne using a combination of the following strategies:

  1. Hormonal (females only) – Generally the combined oral contraceptive pill containing oestrogen and anti-androgen progestogen is usually beneficial for patients with acne.
  2. Vitamin A derivatives – Most patients will benefit from topical medical strength Vitamin A treatment.  Occasionally some patients will require short term oral Vitamin A.
  3. Antibiotics – Most patients will respond to topical antibiotics, some patients may require low dose antibiotics on a daily basis.
  4. Topical Salicyclic Acid
  5. Topical Benzyl Peroxide.

For the treatment of acne scarring, an effective treatment is a course of Q-Switch Laser.  Our Q-Switch laser utilises photo acoustic (sound) waves, the twin pulse technology allows the delivery high energy with minimal discomfort to stimulate collagen production, improving the “pitting” and “ice-pick” scars.

Some very deep “pit” scars may require surgical subcision using local anaesthetics.

Laser Acne Treatment

(Using Fotona patented TwinLight Technology)

  • Fast, effective and convenient
  • Improve skin texture and skin tone
  • Reasonably long lasting result
  • Effective treatment for most acne scarring and may suppress active acne for up to 3 months
  • Cost from $250 to $500 per treatment (depends on treatments required)
  • Depends on severity of acne, may need a course of 3 or more treatments

Q-Switch laser

We have recently acquired the latest model of CosJet ATR Q switch laser which is suitable to treat acne scarring and enlarged pores using the carbon laser protocol.

Generally a course of 6-8 treatments are required and treatments are every 1 to 3 weeks apart.

Fees: $150 per treatment for acne scarring, facial pigmentation, Skin Whitening program, carbon laser.

Skin Needling

Skin needling is a treatment that is used to stimulate the skin to form new collagen and elastin without damaging the epidermis. It is very useful for depressed acne scars but other benefits include:

  • Smooth wrinkles and fill lines
  • Improve skin texture
  • Relax scars
  • Improve depressed acne scarring
  • Improve the appearance of stretch marks
  • Fill old surgical scars
  • Improve Chicken Pox scars

The treatment can be performed on all skin types and colours and anywhere on the body. Some patients may notice benefits after 2-4 treatments while others may need more treatment sessions. Cost:  From $200 per treatment (Facial Acne scars)

Skin Needling using Derma-pen
Skin Needling using Derma-pen

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