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Rosacea Rhinophyma Laser Treatments

Rosacea is a skin condition that is very difficult to live with for those who suffer from it. The condition involves facial redness which is usually found around the forehead, nose, and cheeks. The redness will often develop from a flushed appearance, involving small blood vessels, leading to swelling and acne like bumps. The frustrating thing about rosacea is that it will flare up and will be aggravated by simple lifestyle factors. Alcohol, stress, and sun exposure are a few of the most common triggers. Medications and ointments, can help to manage the rosacea in the short term, but do not lead to a solid management of the condition in the long term.

Lasers are very innovative method in helping control Rosacea. Our 1064 Nd:YAG laser is extremely efficient and precise for treating Rosacea outbreaks. The Nd:YAG is able to target both the small rosacea outbreaks, to the larger more severe episodes. The Laser will only target the affected tissue, and will ideally leave the surrounding skin untreated. The heat of the laser light passes harmoniously through the skin and is absorbed by the affected blood vessel. The heat of the laser is then able to eliminate the Rosacea at a cellular level, and then the immune system will carry away the cellular waste.

Rosacea is one of those conditions that can never be ‘cured’ but can be managed. Laser therapy is the gold standard management practice for Rosacea. Every person is an individual, and their Rosacea characteristics, and response will be individual too. The average number of laser sessions required is between 2 and 4, and this involves a 2-4 week rest period between treatments.