Asian Cosmetic Procedures

Korean Skin Whitening Laser before and after
Skin Whitening L Face
Skin Whitening R face

Asian laser skin whitening program

Our Asian Laser Skin Whitening Program is a treatment protocol using the Q Switch laser.   “White” does not mean the colour white, but to improve the clarity and “purity” of your skin.

Q Switch laser has proven to be safer and more effective when treating Asian and darker skin types with pigmentation problems.  IPL and other resurfacing lasers often cause unwanted pigmentation side effects.  Our Q-switch laser is a gentle laser using extremely short bursts of photo-acoustic energy to disrupt pigment containing cells, which is then cleared by macrophages in our skin, fading and clearing the treated area gradually.

Treatment protocols:

  • Generally a treatment protocol consisting of 6-8 treatments every 1-3 weeks are required to achieve the results
  • Some pigmented conditions such as birthmarks may require more treatment


Pigmentation Using Pastelle Laser

Asian Calf Muscle (Leg) Slimming

  • Calf muscles size can be selectively reduced in size using muscle relaxing injections. Mechanism of action is identical to the Jaw Slimming Injection for some patients 
  • The procedure takes about 15 minutes to perform.
  • It may take up to 6 weeks to see the result.
  • The result may last up to 6 months.
  • Price guide:  (depends on muscle strength and size) Approximately $500 to $1000 depends on size of calf and desired reduction.

Asian Chin and Nose Injections


We use non surgical techniques to augment Chins and noses, choosing volumising products specially suited for this purpose.

The advantages of non surgical treatment technique:


  • The procedure takes 10-20 minutes to perform.
  • Local anaesthestic injections often required or recommended for comfort
  • We commonly use cannula for the nose area or combination of needle + cannula for chin area 
  • Fees: approximately $700 for 1 ml volumising product depends on brand, plus consultation fee $80 
  • Reversible.
  • Adjustable
  • Longevity – depends on the product, approximately 6-12 months
  • The Nose is considered a high risk area for injections (patients need to understand the risk of vascular occlusion and the rare but devastating risk of blindness in this area, which will be discussed during the consultation)