Before & After Facial Volume Treatments

Both Dr Wong and Dr Janet Tsang make continue medical education and learning a priority, ensuring they stay up to date with the latest and innovative treatment strategies, to achieve a refreshed appearance.

All treatments in our clinic are performed only by our doctors.

Consultation will involve how to achieve a balanced facial proportion, choices of products suitable, individualised total face treatment planning and full discussion of costs and realistic expectations.  Areas that can be treated due to volume loss include:  Forehead, Temples, Cheeks (Mid Face), Nasolabial Folds, Jawline, Jowls, Lips, Eyebrow Reshaping, Nose and Chin re-contouring.

Below are just some examples of what can be achieved using cosmetic injections alone. (**Note:  All procedures are associated with possible complications and these may include but not limited to pain, bruising, swelling, infection, foreign body reaction to dermal fillers, vascular occlusion, skin necrosis, and very rarely blindness.  Our doctors will always aim for a safer location to treat your volume loss, using a safer technique for the anatomical region.)

Total Face Rejuvenation (before & after) – Forehead, Marionette region, Nasolabial folds and lateral cheek area.

Total Face Dermal Fillers

Improve the contour, shape, proportion, border and hydration of lips – before & after

Lip Fillers 1

Lip Fillers 2

Improve the contour of nose

Nose (unmarked)

Nose shape and contour

Non Surgical Chin Augmentation using Fillers

Chin Jawline

Chin and Jawline contour

Mid face Treatment

Mid Face Treatment

Tear Trough Injections

Tear Trough Injections