Anti-Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants $4 per unit

  • Frown (Average $160 to $240)
  • Crows Feet (Average $200 to $240)
  • Forehead (Average $150 to $200)
  • Neck bands
  • Lips
  • Bunny lines (from $40)
  • Gummy Smile (from $40)
  • Chin (from $40)
  • Face Slimming (Masseter) from $400
  • Bruxism or Jaw Grinding from $400

In general you only pay for the amount of muscle relaxants used

Prices for Dermal Fillers

  • Lip Fillers from $380 per 1 ml
  • Cheek Fillers from $500 per 1 ml
  • Based on Brand of Fillers used

5Other Services:

  • Earlobe Repairs  (from $500 to $770 per earlobe) depends on the work required
  • Earlobe Reduction and Reshaping from $770 to $880 per earlobe
  • Cosmetic Mole Removal (Facial moles from $300 for first facial mole, add $50 for 2nd facial mole). Initial consultation fee from $70.
  • Skin Cancer Check consultation
  • Biopsy of suspicious lesions from $82 (medicare rebate is $44.40)
  • Excision of skin lesions (depends on nature, size and location of lesion)
  • Must have consultation with our medical doctor before procedure
  • Consultation fees $70 (Medicare rebate $38) standard consultation
  • Consultation fees $100 (Medicare rebate $75) long consultation

Prices for Laser Treatments

  • Fotona 4D (4 step) Laser Firming $600 per treatment
  • Korean Skin Whitening Laser $180 per treatment
  • Rosacea (Facial Redness) from $370 per treatment
  • Nightlase® $350 per treatment (Laser Snore treatment)
  • IncontiLase® from $380 per treatment
  • IntimaLase® from $350 per treatment
  • RenovaLase® from $350 per treatment

Consultation with a doctor is essential before proceeding to laser treatment. Consultation fee from $70 (medicare rebate may only if there is a valid medical condition).  Laser treatments generally do not qualify for medicare rebates. 

For Female Gynaecology laser treatments, there is a once off fee of $80 for glass speculum.  Please bring your own speculum back for each laser treatment.

At The Cosmetic Laser & Skin Cancer Centre, we have very competitive pricing structure. You will be treated by experienced doctors who are passionate about their work.

As this is a doctor owned practice, there are no conflict of interests by any third parties that are profit orientated.