Breast Implants in Brisbane

Breast Augmentation or Enlargement Surgery is a procedure that involves the placement of breast implants to enhance breast shape. The operation is now a common procedure offering a wide choice in breast implant sizes, shapes, projection and placement to create a natural looking cleavage. The choice of breast implants will be based on your existing breast anatomy, body type (or width) and the desired increase in size. Your lifestyle, goals and personal preferences, as well as your existing body dimensions are also determining factors.

We advise all patients to do their due diligence when choosing their implants.  We only offer implants that are TGA approved.

Breast implant surgery is not just enlarging the breasts, it must create harmony to enhance the woman’s overall shape and balance her figure and improve body proportions.

Following placement of breast implants, future mammography may be technically more difficult but still able to be performed. In many cases, breast ultrasound or MRI scans may be suitable.

There is currently a type of Breast Cancer which is directly related to Breast implants – Anaplastic large cell Lymphoma.  Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma is very rare and is mainly associated with both textured and Polyurethane surface implants.  If you ever notice any swelling or changes in your implants, you need to report to your surgeon for investigation.  If  your surgeon is removing the capsule around an implant, the tissues from the capsule should be sent for histological examination and other biological marker testing.

For further information regarding Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, please visit the TGA website via the link below:

From 1 July 2018,  Dr Wong has made a conscious decision to perform only explantation (removal) of implants only. (No replacement implants).  This is purely a personal decision.  If you require removal and re-insertion of implants, we are unable to assist until further notice.

For our existing patients, please call clinic to make an appointment for regular checkup and followup.

Fees: Doctor will discuss at consultation (For our existing patients fees will need to cover Day Surgical Theatre Fees, Anaesthestists and Dr. Wong’s fees).

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