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Lip Augmentation of Lip Using Dermal Fillers

Lip Augmentation has been most commonly and successfully performed using dermal fillers, expanding the soft tissue of the vermilion (the pink part of the lip). Regardless of the type of fillers used, the results are often satisfying. The success of using injectable fillers is, however, based on one very important assumption – that there is enough vermilion to expand.  Dr Janet’s technique is to create very natural looking results while maintaining normal function (at rest, smiling and animation, or talking).

Below are two examples of before and after lips using dermal fillers only.  Estimate of fees:  $380 to $550 for 1 ml (depends on brand of dermal fillers used).

Lip Fillers 1

Lip Fillers 1

Brisbane Lip Fillers 1

Brisbane Lip Fillers before and after 1 ml

Lips before & after

Lips before & after

Best Lip Fillers Brisbane

We also come across people who do not have or show a lot of vermilion. Trying to expand a thin vermilion for these patients will often result in a less satisfying cosmetic result. In many cases, a “duck lip” appearance can occur when the filler material expand the vermilion horizontally (a horizontal projection rather than an increase in vertical height of the vermilion, which is the preferred cosmetic result).

For patients with a thin vermilion, the only way to create fuller lips is to surgically move the vermilion border. The procedure of surgical lip lift involves the removal of a strip of skin under the nose (hence sometimes also called subnasal LipLift), to allow more vermilion to be exposed.

Subnasal Surgical Lip Lift is an effective but underutilized procedure to create a long lasting naturally full lips. It can be done to either the upper or lower lips or both. There will however be a small scar just under the nose, or along the lower lip border if the lower lip procedure is performed. Because of the scar, this surgical procedure is often not performed as the first choice of treatment and all patients are encouraged to try fillers first. This will at least prove whether fillers alone was enough to give patients the results they desire, before they make a decision which may give them a small scar.

This is a simple procedure that can be performed under local anaesthestics as an office procedure. Apart from initial temporary swelling and mild bruising, there are no specific restrictions on eating and drinking after the procedures and the sutures will be removed in 5-6 days.

Before & immediately after upper liplift surgery, the scar is under the nose – the only procedure performed. The sutures were removed on Day 5. Local anaesthetics was administered under the nose only. No injections were done to the upper lip.

Before and after Surgical Liplift (only upper lip lift performed, 2 weeks after surgery)

surgical lip lift

surgical lip lift