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Non Permanent Dermal Fillers in Brisbane

Facial volume loss can turn a once attractive face into looking “sad” and “gaunt”.  When dermal fillers are administered strategically, it is possible to re-create “fullness” 3-dimensionally in the face, resulting in a more “positive” facial expression.

A thorough consultation with Dr Janet or Dr Wong is important to discuss strategies for facial rejuvenation.  It is important to have a thorough consultation and assessment with a personalised plan before facial dermal fillers treatments.

Both our doctors are skilled and fluent in different techniques of injections (needle or cannula), working knowledge of facial anatomy, and understanding of the skin in order to reduce the risks of vascular accidents and our doctors embrace new technologies such as use of facial ultrasound in the management of any potential complications. 

With the availability of new dermal filler agents, we now have more choices to choose from – robust thicker fillers to give lift, structure and projection; softer fillers for lips and fine lines.  As a result, we can:

  1. re-create, restore and support the foundations of facial bony structures,
  2. rejuvenate one’s appearance by blending the different regions on the face due to different rates of fat pads shrinkage,
  3. reduce superficial fine lines & prevent lines getting deeper, and
  4. improve the face by enhancing the volume and contour of  facial features such as lips, nose, chin and make the result look as natural as possible.

As with other medical procedures, risks of dermal fillers include:  pain, infection, swelling, haematoma, bruising, foreign body reactions, vascular occlusion, the most serious complication is blindness, which may be irreversible. Treatment for complications may include antibiotics or injections to dissolve dermal fillers.  If you have any issues after treatment here, please call our doctor who will assist you after procedures, even if after hours. 

Lip Enhancement (Augmentation) Brisbane

We recommend the use of non permanent fillers for the purpose of lip augmentation or enhancement. Non permanent lip fillers provides a natural look and feel to the lips, are biocompatible and biodegradable and usually last around 6-12 months (depends on brand).

Dr. Janet feels it is very important to improve the area that “frames” the lips.  She feels a pair of beautiful lips is in the detail of the “frame”, and purely “pumping” volume into the body will only make lips look artificial and “unusual”.

More permanent fillers can also be used. Whilst more permanent fillers are generally quite safe, they do have a slightly higher risk of complications compared to non permanent fillers.

Estimated cost for non permanent Lip Filler 1/2 ml from  $250, or 1 ml from $360 to $550 (estimate only, cost of fillers depend on brand and prices do vary between brands).  We stock different brands of dermal fillers to suit your budget.

Multiple syringe discounts apply and will be discussed after a complimentary consultation and facial balance and harmony assessment.

For more before and after photos of lips, please visit our Facebook Page.

Below is a photo of patient before and after Fillers to anterior cheek region.
Dermal - Before
Surgical Bullhorn Liplift
Dermal - After

Dermal Fillers for Cheeks, Nose, Jawline & Chin

Prominent, full cheeks give a youthful and healthy appearance. With the new generation of fillers, we can augment cheeks, advance your chin, correct weak facial contours by placing fillers in the right areas. Cheek augmentation procedures often give patients a “wow” factor because the augmented cheekbones provide a “coat hanger” effect for the skin of the lower face, in many cases correcting the cheeks will improve both the nasolabial fold and jowls at the same time.

Similarly we can use fillers to improve the shape and height of the nose. Patients no longer need major surgery with the associated risks and downtime to improve the contour of your nose,  however it is important to discuss with our doctor to get a realistic expectation of the outcome and longevity of result using injectable products alone.

Our doctors will discuss the potential side effects of the various types of filler materials used. Only highly skilled doctors perform injections in our clinic.

How much for Fillers?  Cheek Fillers from $500 to $650 for 1 ml (depends on brand).  Lip Fillers from $360 to $500 for 1 ml.

Photos of patient before and after Fillers to cheeks only

Filler injection into chin performed only for these photo
Nose Augmentation (Fillers)