Facial Volumisers & Collagen Stimulants Brisbane

Facial Volume loss can turn a “once” attractive face into looking “aged” and “sad”.  By restoring facial volume at appropriate regions, it is possible to re-create a sense of “youthfulness” in the face.


Our doctors spend time assessing your facial proportions, formulate a treatment plan to re-create a shape and projection to suit your face naturally, as if you have just gained a couple of kilos, but all in the right places.

The main benefits of injectable biostimulator is that it seeks to combat the signs of skin ageing by restoring volume to the under layers of the skin by promoting new tissue formation. It is commonly used to simultaneously fill sunken areas of the face and firm the skin so it appears more vibrant. Generally 2-3 treatments (4-5 weeks apart) are required.

The injected product behaves like a seed that is planted under the skin which subsequently stimulates collagen formation which blossom to the surface over a few months. The improvement in facial volume and skin tone and texture lasts around 2 years. The photos below show patient with hollowness of cheeks before and after 3 treatments sessions of facial volumisers. It is a fantastic product for patients who wants gradual and natural looking improvements.

Side effects are similar to Dermal Fillers and rarely include formation of subcutaneous nodules.  Hence it is not suitable to be used around fragile areas with thin skin, such as around the eyes and forehead and not a suitable product for lips.  Please discuss with doctor the potential side effects of the various types of filler materials used. Only highly skilled doctors perform injections in our clinic.

Apart from this Biostimulators, doctors in our clinic also use other types of Fillers of varying longevity. The choice of fillers used depends on the areas to be treated, expectations and duration of action as desired by the patient. The benefits, improvements that can be achieved, costs, side effects and potential complications vary between different types of fillers and hence it is important that these be discussed prior to treatments.